Upcountry Enclosures


Over recent years, significant time and finances have been invested in assuring that Up-Country Enclosures is equipped with each of your everyday necessities. These include amenities such as Gas, Water, Electricity, Fiber Optic (Nayatel) among many more. Alongside these internal developments, the construction of various Houses, Commercial Plazas, a state-of-the-art Mosque and Hospital are currently underway.

Further future prospects for our society consist of 7 Educational Institutions, multiple high-rise buildings and a selection of unique playgrounds & parks for leisure. (For more information, please see Features).

By combining the scenic beauty that Up-Country’s lush green landscapes provide with our ultra-modern infrastructure, we guarantee to bring you the highest level of Quality, Comfort and Convenience at a modest cost.


Up-Country Enclosures, it is our top priority to protect the security of your investments, along with establishing a valued and long-term relationship with each individual customer. We believe that a customer’s trust and satisfaction constitute the foundation of our business. However, due to the current state of the property market in Pakistan, we empathize with the local customers especially those residing overseas who may find it challenging to invest in land / properties, due to the difficulties posed by fraudulent businesses and misleading information. In order to combat this, we have committed ourselves to ensuring that the buying process is 100% transparent (No hidden fees or costs) and secure. Along with this, we have dedicated multiple other features implemented solely for building your trust.

These features include:

  • Direct possession upon allotment/ purchase
  • Approval of all required N.O.C.s.
  • Presence of all essential utilities. i.e. Gas, Water, Electricity. Fiber Optic (Naya-tel), see more.
  • Every single plot within Up-Country is present on sight and can be viewed by the customer at any given time.
  • A 24-hour surveillance system and the physical presence of multiple armed guards throughout the scheme to ensure safety.

With support from our previous statements, our organization promises to make your experience purchasing property as seamless as possible. Every client is taken care of by one of our trained executives, ready to provide services such as physical property visits, understanding the pricing and more. Each service we provide is tailored to the specific requirements that a client might have. By the end of our process, we are confident that you will choose us in your other endeavors dealing with property investments.